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In a famous Knollwood tradition, when a Knollwood Kid receives a horse, they are instructed to tell everyone who congratulates them,

‘Thank you very much. I’m a very lucky young lady/young man, and I have the best parents in the world.’


Well, we’re happy to say that Margit will be saying that for a very long time.

The Rhode family has purchased CH Ken Follett for Margit to show in the 5 Gaited Show Pleasure division and will start showing the one and only Charlie this season.

Knollwood has been beyond fortunate to have had this grand horse in the barn since 2017 when Nance Marsden purchased him for her granddaughter Gabby. Now referred to as a dynamic duo, Gabby and Charlie clicked, and they have won championships all over the country.

Gabby is off to college this fall, and her studies at the University of Minnesota at Rochester will take up most of her time, so the Rhodes quickly purchased this grand horse.

Margit has grown up a Knollwood Kid, progressing through the academy program. After showing ‘regular’ academy for a few years, she stepped up last season and showed Sadie in academy under the direction of Carol.

Margit’s family has leased Robert, officially known as Rosewood’s Homecoming Dance, for her to show this season in the pleasure and equitation divisions. Thanks to her academy education, Margit knows how to use the show ring like a pro, and has already been quite successful with Robert.



Margit is a Knollwood Kid through and through. She’s a camp counselor, as she’s fantastic with kids.  You cannot rattle Margit. She’s kind to all the riders, has am amazing vocabulary, and a fabulous sense of humor.  This kid is wise beyond her years.


We can hardly wait to see Margit trotting and racking down the rail on Charlie.

This is the start of a brilliant adventure!


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