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It's the final countdown to Christmas, so we caught up with the best lesson horses in the world to see what's on the top of their wish lists.  You might find some surprises here!




Brinkley has a special relationship with Addison, and requests daily spa treatments from his friend who curries him for extended periods of time as he stretches out his neck and makes happy faces. Retirement has its perks!


Big Frank


Big Frank would like an interiror designer to provide curtains for his stall to control his anxiety. If he can't see horses going to lessons or outside without him, Frank thinks his anxiety will diminish.



Duke would like the other lesson horses to stop tearing up his clothes in the pasture. We think Duke should perhaps take a look in the mirror and reflect on his own behaviour that could be causing the antics of others?




Fred would like a sound machine that will provide soothing ambient music in his stall. Many of his neighbors snore at nap time, disrupting his peace. If that's not a possibility, Fred requests sleep apnea machines for Tony and Hugo at a minimum.




Hugo is greatly enjoying teaching more advanced beginner lessons, and is requesting more little riders. 




Jelly, our 'loaner' from our friend Sammy and Rose Tree Farms requests, as anticipated, more food. We're just looking out for his fine physique.




Leon, one of the newest members of the lesson posse, is enjoying his new life. He's happy as can be, and would like to meet some new little people.



Lil' Frank

Little Frank would like us all to stop with the pony jokes.

But we can't.

Because he's a pony.




Mac would like year round summer riding school.





Mark would like us to post signs to his new stall. He's figured out that Jelly is living in his old stall, but just can't figure it out. After that, and stands motionless in the aisle thinking. Other horses are coming in all around him, of course, and he looks a bit like a pinball.




Picasso would like more game sessions. He's addicted to 'steal the crop!




Sparky is so happy with his new sleeping inside at night arrangement, that he doesn't want to ask for anything else.



The retired legend wants for nothing, and simply wishes that all lesson horses could have had the career he has had. He has given many, many riders their first taste of a saddlebred, and still gives instruction to the lesson horses, as he remains the 'master of the pasture.'




Thomas would like some memory training so he can remember how to get to his stall. If he could just get the 'turning left first' thing down, it would be a great help.




Tony would like some Grecian Formula to cover his gray. We think it makes him look even more distinguished than he is, so we vote no.




Vaughn, proud winner of the 2020 Knollwood Challenge Final, would like a new tradition of a plaque for the winning horse. Mia and Brooklyn got trophies, so why should't their trusty steeds?




Willy would like 24 hour access to the feed room so he can munch on Equine Senior whenever he's hungry. 




Baxter seconds the Knollwood challenge plaque idea, but needs  a bigger  wall to showcase his collection.




Cashew is another very happy camper and only requests more time for outside recess.




Dexter requests a menu change to more hot bran mashes. With peppermints in it, of course.




Eddie is wise even beyond his years, and wishes for world peace.




Heist would like lots of chew toys to keep him busy in his stall.




Hooper, AKA King of walk trot pattern instruction, would like an updated UPHA pattern book with trickier ones becuase he's memorized the current book.




Klem would like a sparkly jeweled crown because he's in so many photos. He would also like an open door policy so he can 'clean up' extra hay in stalls.




Murphy would like a full length mirror in his stall so he can admire himself. 24 hours a day.




Panic wishes for a video monitor in his stall so he can watch RIchfield Video archives of himself. Racking with Lin.




Alex can't remember what he wished for.




Sadie wishes for another mare in the school barn. On second thought, maybe being a queen is OK if she gets to steal Klem's jeweled crown.




Willis wishes Carol would stop finding all the good riding kids who don't let him be dramatic. He IS feeling better about himself, though.


What's Coming Up ??

We're closed for lessons on December 24 and 25 as well as December 31 and January 1.  Please contact your instructor if you'd like to schedule a make up lesson.

Thanks to everyone for their help in completing our enrollment project. We're so excited to spend more time teaching and less time working on accounting.



Don't forget that Midwest Saddleseat Consignment is coming to the Hilton Garden Inn in Brookfield on Friday, January 8. Team Knollwood has a private shopping night from 7-9 PM before the sale opens to the public on Saturday.


We have plenty of spring ideas coming up, so stay tuned.

Team Knollwood wishes you the happiest of holidays.

See you soon at the barn!








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