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We have a saying around the barn that if you want something done well, you should ask someone who’s busy.

It seems to be working for Team Knollwood, as we’re currently working in different states, and we have a big weekend ahead.


Last weekend, many, many Knollwood horses were competing at one of our favorite shows, ASAW Summerfun. Featuring many show horses as well as 11 academy horses, everyone was busy.

We’re so proud of all of our horses and riders and their performances at the show.  Here are a few of our favorite stories:


Bella and Garfield

Bella and her friend Far Away Garfield have been enjoying a fantastic season.  Covid kept our east coast friends at home most of last year, and we’re so happy to have them back for 2021! 

Bella and Garfield had fantastic shows at both Midwest and Summerfun, and are looking forward to peaking at Louisville!


Margit and Robert

Margit is not someone looking for the limelight, but she deserves some recognition for her riding skills.  Perhaps best known for her trotting and racking on Charlie, she had a fantastic show on Robert at Summerfun, winning both their qualifier and championship in show pleasure.

Oh, and Charlie was on his way to Lexington while Margit was showing the other man at Summerfun!


Haley and Allan

Triple Crown Winner Haley has found a new niche as a prized adult amateur.  She’s a busy catch rider for many trainers,  but may be  happiest showing Allan (Americana’s Standing Ovation) in the amateur 5 gaited division.

At the Summerfun show, Haley and Allan were on fire, and finished second in the 5 Gaited Jackpot Stake, a class full of professional horse trainers.

If you think equitation is just a phase, think again.  This young lady can ride any horse at any time thanks to the foundation in an academy program and followed up by years of ‘Mattonizing.’ She’s the real deal.

In addition to her riding skills, Haley also won the ASAW Scholarship. She’s attending Carroll University, and the scholarship will help this life-long horsewoman fulfill her dreams.


Olive's Lead Line Debut

If you've had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Olive Shearmann, you know she's a woman of many words, and of much confidence.

With the help of her trusted instructor Erika, Olive made her leadline debut at Summerfun aboard the one and only Eddie, officially known as Hylee's Red Fox.

She wowed the crowd with her waves and infectious smile.

Parents Tom and Lin are in SO much trouble.




Academy Stars

Our academy riders were fabulous in so many ways.

Our more advanced riders ‘rode up’ on some of our newest horses, and showed like pros. Others rode horses new to them, and our walk and trot riders showed their their skills in big classes as well.

Their patterns were spot on!

We are so proud of all of their performances, and are looking forward to their continued educations.



Horses showing at Lexington left the farm on Thursday night with Carlos, and Carol met them down there on Friday.  As soon as he was finished getting horses home from Summerfun, Scott jumped back in the rig and headed for Kentucky for the start of the show on Monday.



At the home office, we’re running a Knollwood Show Prep camp and a Tiny Tot camp this week, and putting the finishing touches on the show we’re hosting this weekend.  Here are some helpful hints for the weekend:



We will be holding the show outdoors, and the weather looks picture perfect.

Saturday’s performance featuring the walk trot and canter riders as well as all of our ‘grown-ups’ will start at 10:00 AM in the big outdoor ring. We’re asking that all riders be at the farm ready to ride by 9:30 AM.


Sunday’s show featuring our leadline stars, maiden riders, and 10 and under walk trot pros have varied start times.  Lead line will start at 9:00 AM, and we’re asking that those riders arrive no later than 8:30 AM.

Maiden classes will start at approximately 10:30 AM, so please arrive ready to show by 10:00 AM.

Our 10 and under walk trot pros will ride no earlier than 12:30 PM, so please arrive no later than noon.


Lifelong Knollwood Kid Jordan will be at the front desk on Sunday to answer any and all questions about the show.

Overflow parking will again be available in the Kettle Moraine Curling Club lot across Horseshoe Bend from the little outdoor ring.


Please bring your own chairs to watch the show!

On Saturday, please feel free to set up on the west side of the outdoor arena.  Chairs can be set up west of the broodmare’s ‘foot path’ around the arena.  You’re always welcome under any trees on the property as well.


On Sunday, please set your seating up along the north side of the little outdoor ring, or along the school barn.

Please remember that horses are animals of flight, so they’re afraid of suddenly moving objects. Please be aware that anything flapping in the wind may scare them.


To help with set up, the Knollwood Knockouts are auctioning off a premier viewing spot for both Saturday and Sunday. This shady suite will allow your party to view the show in comfort, with a free photo from our show photographer added in.  All proceeds benefit the Knollwood Knockouts!

You can enter the bidding here!


We’re looking for help in the concession stand and with other aspects of the show. It takes a team to pull off an event of this size, and we so appreciate your contributions of time and talent. 

You can sign up here.


Finally, we’d like to remind everyone that we’re working to teach good sportsmanship to all of our Knollwood Kids. Please refrain from coaching your child from the rail about diagonals or whatever you may see as important. We’re trying to teach our riders to organize and prioritize their thoughts, and to train themselves to focus on the task at hand.


Please do not coach your child from the rail. It interrupts their focus, as we’re teaching them to do things on their own. Horses have SO many lessons to teach!



Coming Up!

Signature Show

The academy team and some show horses are off to Roscoe, Illinois next weekend for the Mid America Horse Show Association’s Signature Show.  We can hardly wait for the fun outdoor summer show which even features a water balloon fight on Saturday.


IASPHA Summer Show

We’re off to Woodstock, Illinois the following weekend for the IASPHA Summer Show. Both show and academy teams will be joining the fun at Beyond Stable Farm, and we can hardly wait! It will be the first ever show in the farm’s new, beautiful outdoor arena.



Knockout Car Wash

Please join us at the Hartland Fox Brother’s Piggly Wiggly for our favorite fundraiser of the year. We’re asking ALL Knockouts to join us on Sunday, August 8 for a shift washing cars or staffing the brat shack. It’s one of out biggest fundraisers  of the year, and it may be the most enjoyable one of the year. You won’t want to miss it!


Even if you’re not showing, please come visit us this weekend while we’re showing in the great outdoors.




See you at the barn or at the in-gate!


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