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Hi Everyone, Sundance here!

First of all, we really miss our Knollwood Kids of all ages. We’re being well taken care of, and enjoying plenty of extra recess when we’re not keeping up on our studies, but it gets pretty lonely around here without our students.  Plus, some of my co-workers are running out of creative ways to spend their time, and are eating far too much.  Fred has taken to sleeping in the round bale with his pony friend.  They even refuse to come in on some days so they can enjoy the outside buffet alone!

Ann, Brenda, and Nancy are in the barn every day taking care of us.  We’re getting spa treatments from the grownups, and shedding season is going pretty well. I bet the helpers aren’t missing THAT part of spring so much! Brinkley would like to say that he really misses his conversations and spa treatments from his good friend Addison.

Oh, and thanks to customers who have been leaving treat bags hanging on the front door.  We're currently enjoying horse cookies from our good friend Bubbles.  She even wrote us a letter!!

Klem misses his Tuesday Amigos, and is afraid his acting skills may be suffering without his weekly photo shoots.

Mark has yet to realize that anything is different.



The show horses are working every day, and have even been enjoying the great outdoors on nice days.  The arena screen door has been open a couple of days, a thought that gives me pause. Those sunlight spots on the arena footing can be downright terrifying.


I’ve been hearing all about projects going on around the barn.

Parker is washing a lot of winter coats over in the show barn, and trunks are being cleaned and prepared for the 2020 show season.

In the school barn, all the academy show bridles are clean and ready to go, rental saddles have been deep cleaned and conditioned,  the stirrup wall has been reorganized and is now arranged alphabetically by first name, and the box stall cubbies are being reshuffled next.



Did you know my birthday is coming up on the 24th of this month?


And did you know that Hugo turns 13 the next day?



I reviewed the Knockout membership list, and found out that a lot of Knollwood Kids have birthdays this month, too!

Happy Birthday to:

Helen on April 4

Madelyn R on April 9

Jilly on April 11

Richie and Emme on April 17

Cecilia on April 22

Elaine on April 28




We’re always happy to help you celebrate even if you can’t be at the barn. Just contact my agent, Ann, and she can arrange to have a birthday video sent to you!





Great thanks to everyone who has donated to our feed bill during this difficult time.  Our staff here have let us know how much you've been donating, and we're humbled by your generosity. The most impressive thing to us is that no one asked you to donate, you started the program up yourselves. We can't possibly thank you enough, but we'll sure try!

You all know how much we love to work, and it’s been really hard on us not seeing all of you. The most important thing is that you all stay safe at home so we can get back together as soon as possible. We can’t wait for lessons and shows to begin again!

If you'd like to donate to our unemployment fund by check, you can send it directly to our friends at Merton Feed. Please note that it's for the Knollwood lesson horses.



Merton Feed

N71 W28312 Mill Street

Merton, WI 53056

If you prefer to donate with a credit card, please call the mill at 262-538-1250.  Please mention that you're donating to the best lesson horses in the world.

Side note, they have the best chickens in the world, and they sponsored our show concession stand last year!





We’re going to start doing some Facebook Live broadcasts, and some Zoom meetings.  Again, please let Ann, my agent know if you have any specific topics you’d like to discuss. Otherwise, I’ll run the show!





Finally, don’t forget to order your #Knollwoodstrong shirts here.  All proceeds from these snazzy Team Knollwood shirts benefit the school horse unemployment program.

We want to have a huge orange cheering section at every show we go to, so please show your support of the best lesson horses in the world by outfitting every Knollwood fan.




Sundance signing off.

We miss you more than you know, and can't wait to see you all soon.

Till then, stay safe and #Knollwoodstrong


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