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There’s only one ASAW Summerfun Horse Show.


It’s close to home, the stabling and arenas are wonderful to use, and the management is so user friendly.

Team Knollwood was there in a big way, with 28 show horses before five more academy horses joined the crowd on Friday.

We had everything from the young horses that Lin has started  and showed for the first time to seasoned show stars like Bella’s horse Tyler who won the amateur 5 gaited amateur championship and Margit’s friend Charlie who won the 5 gaited show pleasure championship.

Our equitation riders were in great form, with Richie and Payton finishing 1-2 in the Saddle Seat Equitation final and Knollwood riders Maiya, Brooklyn, and Natalie finishing 1-2-3 in the pleasure equitation championship.

We sure have stories to share…






Officially known as Trust Fund Blues, Nacho started out as well, a brat. He’s now officially a recovering juvenile delinquent, and boy is he a great guy.

To begin his recovery, Nacho did lessons for the show barn kids. A LOT of lessons.

Since realizing he could, in fact, control his behavior, and that life is a lot easier, he’s become a great asset to team Knollwood.

This adorable horse is a star in the single bit division, and he and Kim won their championship at Summerfun. Previously, they won a big championship class at FASH.

In addition to being a star in the single bit division, Nacho is an expressive academy star as well.


Lin’s Young Horses

Lin’s been working hard with Scott and Carol's young horses at the farm.

Robin has been a bit of a project, as she enjoys sharing her opinions with others. Lin had a fantastic ride with her in the Junior/Novice Park Pleasure class. They may not have ribboned, but Robin exhibited great behavior and looked cute as a button.

Ruby, officially registered as Blue Trust, was a beautiful star in her class. This talented young mare won her Junior/Novice Park class at Summerfun.


Frito has been a work in progress, and is really coming into his own. Hanna showed him, and earned a second place ribbon in the Wisconsin owned show pleasure class. He’s turned into a big, handsome pleasure horse with a bright future ahead of him.



Tori and Stella

This perfectly matched team added two more victories last weekend as they continue their march to Louisville.  Registered as Stella’s Stillettos, the beautiful, powerful mare loves Tori, who makes her very confident and comfortable in the ring.

They’re a pleasure to watch!



Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography

Academy Show Stars

The academy division was super competitive at Summerfun, as usual. Team Knollwood was there to compete.

Maddie and Sport won all three of their classes last weekend. It was Maddie’s last show before she heads off to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to play soccer, as she has done her whole life.

She and Sport are a perfect duo with competitive Maddie matching enthusiastic Sport step for step.


Kali and Leighton, our two walk and trot riders had spent the previous week at pattern camp. All of their extra saddle time paid off as these two small, but mighty riders competed like giants.

They met their goals, had a blast in the big arena, and had some nice ribbons to show for their efforts.

Congratulations to all of our academy riders who made us so proud.



Mentors to Academy Stars

Great thanks to Knollwood’s experienced show riders who volunteered their time to help the academy riders compete at the show.

These ladies took care of the best lesson horses ever, offered advice, triple checked clothing, headed walk trot riders, and encouraged riders to be their best.

We are grateful for their help.



Photo by Hanna Agathen Photography


Scholarship Sweep

Three of our riders who are heading off to college this fall received scholarships from the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin.

In a ceremony on Saturday night, these awards were presented to Tori, Sofia, and Emma.

These scholars grew up as Knollwood Kids, have spent hundreds of hours helping young riders at the barn, been active Knockout members, and have loved the best lesson horses in the world. (When they weren’t studying, of course,)

Congratulations, and we know we can't wait to catch up on all your college adventures when you return to Knollwood at Thanksgiving.


The Horsemanship Challenge

What an event!

Eighteen riders entered the UPHA Horsemanshp Chalenge, the final event of Friday night, including Knollwood riders Margit, Mia, and Natalie. The class is a true test of horsemanship, with 18 horses competing for spots, and all the teams are new to each other.

Each rider was assigned a donated horse (randomly, of course) and rode into the arena on that horse new to them. Knollwood donated Nacho, Sport, and Thomas for the event.

Eighteen riders were judged on railwork before Judge Parker made her initial cut to 10 riders.

Mia and Natalie made the cut to 10.

All three of the Knollwood horses made the cut, too.

After more work for the 10, Judge Parker picked four riders including Natalie. These riders then switched to another new horse, and went back to the rail.

After additional work, Natalie was named the winner of the whole thing!

We could not be more proud of Natalie’s work in that arena.

She received the traveling trophy from last year’s winner and barn mate Richie.




When people wonder why we have many different lesson horses, and why we do group lessons and advanced camps, this is why.

Congrats to everyone who competed in the grand event.


What’s Coming Up?

Knockout Meeting

July 22

1:00 PM

Show Barn Lounge

Join your fellow Knockouts in the lounge to prepare for the Knollwood Show, and more fun events.



Knockout Car Wash

Sunday, July 23

11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Piggly Wiggly in Hartland

If you haven’t yet signed up, you can still join the fun. There’s no better way to earn your Knockout service hours!



IASPHA Summer Show

July 28-30

Beyond Stable Farm

Join us for another sold-out IASPHA show in Woodstock. It’s a fantastic show in a beautiful covered outdoor arena.


Mid America Signature Show

August 4-5

Beyond Stable Farm

We’re back at Beyond Stable Farm for a Friday and Saturday show. Please come cheer us on!



ASAW Summer Showcase

August 12-13

Ozaukee County Fairgrounds

It’s almost a home show! Come cheer on some new riders making their debuts in this park like setting at the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds.



Knollwood Summer Show

August 18-20

It IS a home show, and it’s going to be a great one.  Don’t forget to sign up to help with set-up, concessions, or donate to gift baskets.

We can hardly wait!




See you at the barn, or at the in-gate!




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