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It’s a milestone in the history of Knollwood Farm, LTD as Willy has chosen to retire from the lesson program. 

At 33 years young, Willy has decided to join Brinkley and Sundance as a pensioner.

Born in South Dakota, and officially registered in the American Quarter Horse Association as Dakota’s Diamond Sam, this grand gentleman has been an important part of the lesson program for an incredible 30 years.

Willy, AKA 'The Golden Sofa,' is known for his patented super slow jog trot which has taught literally thousands of riders to post.

Heck, he's taught three generations of the Kellner-Van Hecke and Honkamp families!

While he was FAST in his younger days, he’s chilled out and become a legendary tiny tot instructor.

He’s also mellowed out to tolerate fly spray, spritz bottles of ‘magical drying spray,’ cats napping on his back, and even Scott shoeing him.

Willy will spend the rest of his days chilling with Brinkley, enjoying sun on his back during the day, and endless attention from all his former students.

And yes, he’ll still help at camp for grooming and tacking demos if he’d like. 

His days are his alone to schedule.

We thank you, Willy, from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done for all of us.

We’ll give you a happy, relaxed retirement with complete spoiling and, of course, all the benefits due the best lesson horses in the world.


Enjoy your well earned restful days, Willy.

Your lessons have changed the lives of many, many Knollwood Kids.



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