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This weekend, Knollwood Farms is packing up and shipping out for the Madison Classic Horse show which hasn't been held in the New Holland Pavilion in several years!  We are excited to be back at this all in one facility where rain can't touch us, no matter how hard it tries.

The show barn has a very full schedule at this show with 24 show horses and 3 Upgrade Academy horses already tucked into their well bedded stalls at the show.  The rest of the horses will be arriving later in the week to see the ring, and game plan for their big show day.  

Saturday morning the A circuit show begins at 9:30 am and Knollwood has a whopping 9 show horses going in this short session.  The academy session with not start before noon, but we don't know exactly when it will begin, as it all sort of depends on how quickly the morning session goes.  We are asking that all WTC riders arrive by 10 and WT riders by 10:30.  This will leave plenty of time for our hair ladies to get your show bun in, finishing touches to be put on and pattern walking to be done.  That being said, the Alliant Energy center is also hosting Wisconsin's Annual Brat Fest this weekend so traffic going in and out is likely to be heavy.  Leave plenty of time to get in the facility and come find us at door #21!

We also had the Helper Olympics last Saturday and what an incredible group of competitors.  Our Olympians really showed up and brought an absolute TON of food kits for the Waukesha Food Pantry.  We are so proud of our Knockouts and how they support the community where they operate.  These food kits will go to help families in the area in need of some extra help.  

Summer Camp is almost upon us with our first session next month!  Summer camp season is an exciting time of new introductions to the joys of riding.  If you're interested in helping at summer camp to be a part of showing these new kids what an amazing world the horse world can be, be sure to talk to your instructor about how you may be of assistance and they can direct you to our Summer Camp Helper Coordinators.  

If you have any questions about where and when you need to be for the show this weekend, even if it's just to support and watch, reach out to your instructor or call us at the barn.  

If you can't make it to the show, it's being webcast on Richfield Video! It's at https://richfieldvideoarchive.vhx.tv


See you at the in-gate!


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