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We went to a big horse show in Wisconsin!


In previous years, this would not be a headline, but 2020 is different. In the midst of a global pandemic, there are not too many people with the ability to make a horse show happen, and we were lucky to have Vicky Holston in our corner. She navigated countless obstacles to put together a show with 500 horses in attendance. We owe her and her whole crew a debt of gratitude for making it possible to show horses, meet up with horsey friends, and enjoy a fabulous weekend.


So, Team Knollwood occupied 44 stalls at the show, and created plenty of memories.  Here are just a few.


Lily’s debut

Lily has been showing with us in the academy division for a couple years.  She and her sister Isabella live in Pennsylvania, so their Knollwood time is limited to summers and occasional trips during the school year. Well, Lily is one determined young lady, and as you may know, Carol is a little determined, too.

Lily made her debut in the pleasure equitation division riding the one and only Tucker, officially known as CH Fine By Me, who she’s leasing for the season. This brand new team won their first class, the 13 and under pleasure equitation qualifier.

These two have a bright future ahead of them.


Margit Joins the Show World

Margit has grown up a Knollwood Kid, and enjoyed several years competing with us in the academy division. After a successful 2019 season showing Sadie, her family has leased the beautiful Robert, officially known as Rosewood's Homecoming Dance for her this year. Margit and Robert made their debut at Bridlespur a few weeks ago with great success, and built on what they learned at Summerfun. Margit uses the ring like a professional, thanks to her years showing in big academy classes. She and Robert look like they're loving every minute of their new adventures!


The Richie and Tink Show

These two have a mutual admiration society, and everyone can see it.

Master teacher Tink, officially known as Miss Mheirry Mac has taught Richie the ways of the show horse early in their 10 and under WT equitation days. Now they’re having a blast in the 13 and under Country Pleasure division. After wins at Bridlespur, this dynamic duo won their qualifier and the 17 and under Country Pleasure championship at Summerfun.


Charlie, Horse of the Year

Gabby’s heart horse, Charlie, was named the ASAW Horse of the Year for 2019.  Class winners at the show each won a beautiful framed portrait of Charlie, and he was honored in a beautiful ceremony on Saturday night.

Gabby and Charlie are one of those once-in-a-lifetime pairings that just click.

They’ve won all over the country, and put on some wonderful performances last weekend.  The best thing about Gabby and Charlie is the look of sheer joy as they make their way around the ring. 

Congratulations to a grand horse, and his favorite person!


The Equitation Riders

Sure, equitation is the most efficient way to ride a horse, and the Knollwood kids showed that in so many ways last weekend.


Finn, Heather, and Richie all looked amazing in the trimmed equitation division, often making Judge Parker’s job a challenge. Laney and Payton turned in great performances in the pleasure equitation division.

More than that, several of these riders also showed in the performance divisions, and did quite well. Payton and Eli won the Junior Exhibitor 3 Gaited Championship, Finn earned great ribbons with Frankie in show pleasure, while Richie and Tink were unstoppable.


That Academy Division!

We had so much fun.

Classes were BIG, and deep. The walk trot and canter championship had 15 riders, and the 9-10 year old division had 14. Our Knollwood Kids loved the challenge of using that nice big arena to their best advantages.

Most of these riders had already attended their pattern camps for the summer, and the 11 and under crew had just finished their week of intensive camp. It showed.

We are so proud of all these riders who rode with poise and flair while showing great technique as well. All sixteen academy stars rode well, learned a lot, and improved as their classes progressed.

Some shout outs?

Tess who rode in her first BIG show in the deep 13 and under WTC division. She did a fantastic job with Eddie in tough classes.


Hard working Maya who seems to be the Saturday barn manager EVERY week, rode at her first BIG show in that dreaded deep 13 and under WTC division. Well, Maya used her technique, flair, and the enthusiasm of herself and Baxter to top her qualifier and the championship.


Amelia learned a lot at the show.

After getting a little too enthusiastic with speed in her equitation qualifier, Amelia made an adjustment to find Eddie’s ‘best trot’ and finished reserve in the 10 and under walk and trot championship.


Tessa and Brooklyn made their presence known in that 14 rider 9-10 year old division. Tessa, showing Cashew for the first time, came out the winner in the equitation qualifier,

while Brooklyn aced the pattern to win the equitation championship.



Our academy riders are beyond fortunate to have the best youth mentors on the circuit. Show barn riders got up early to help the academy stars both in the warm up, and as headers in the ring.  These ladies can offer advice to help the young riders progress in their showing. Our show riders were fighting over who got to go into the ring and head the riders!


They also took great care of the best lesson horses in the world, along with ‘grown ups’ Anna and Jeni.


We are grateful to everyone who helped make this such a great weekend.


What’s coming up?

Car Wash and Brat Bash

Sunday, July 19 from 11 AM to 3 PM

Piggly Wiggly in Hartland

Knockouts, please sign up here to help your club raise some funds. We need car washers and helpers in the brat shack.


Mid-America Signature Show

July 24-26

The Ledges, Roscoe,  IL

The academy and some ‘A’ horses are heading to a wonderful outdoor show.  We’ll be sure to post updates!



IASPHA Summer Show

July 31 – August 2

Fields and Fences, Gurnee, IL

Academy and some ‘A’ horses will travel to Gurnee for one of our favorite shows.



Summer Knockout Meeting and Parents’ Night Out

Saturday, August 15

4:30 PM

Come for the meeting, stay for PNO!

It’s only $20, and includes dinner, a water fight, and lots of fun!



Knollwood Summer Show

Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23

We’re going old school!

WTC classes on Saturday will be held in the big outdoor ring, and the WT classes will be in the little outdoor.

If you were entered in the spring show that we had to cancel, you’re automatically entered for the summer show.

Questions, see Ann!




See you at the barn,



At the in gate!!



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