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Team Knollwood lost a little bit of light yesterday when we had to put Captain Kaos down due to a nasty colic.


Known to all as Cashew, he earned his name because he looked like legendary lesson horse Peanut, but he was a lot fancier than Peanut. Since a cashew is sort of a fancy peanut, he earned a new name.

After spending some time with Scott and our show barn riders, Cashew became a most educational lesson horse.


27 minutes into every lesson, Cashew would decide that walking was a waste of time, he had a case of ‘pattern anxiety’ and taught all his students how to manage his conditions.

Cashew also taught countless Knollwood Kids the importance of impulsion and rhythm to keep him in his beautiful canter.

He became an integral part of our academy show string, and even showed walk trotters the way of the ring with kindness and a little bit of sass.

Great thanks to Dr Matt Hebl for his quick response and care yesterday for this grand soul.

We’ll miss Cashew’s patience, teaching skills, and his big brown eyes.

Peace, Captain Kaos.

You were well loved.



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