Age: 27

Nickname Origin: I am the eldest Decker Brother and therefore the wisest.... probably.

Favorite Snack: In my old age I've become far less discriminating toward my snacks.  Just try to make sure there isn't any dirt on it.  Even if there is I will eat it.  I will just be a little embarrassed about the fact that I am still going to eat it.

Greatest Accomplishment: While cheating death twice is definitely on the short list of major accomplishments, my greatest is probably being a Benchmark horse.  When all the kids are talking about the horses they have ridden, people would always ask, "Have you ridden Zues yet?"  I was the horse you would get to ride when you finally made it to the big leagues!

Best Friend: OK don't tell my brothers this, but the new guy, Duke is totally great.  He's hilarious and a total rebel.  He also gets the old age thing which is nice.


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