Age: 30

Nickname Origin: I am like a chariot of comfort.  Not only am I the only truly golden palomino Knollwood has on staff, but I am also the only truly lazy enough horse to let you sit on me while I nap.

Favorite Snack: I prefer fruit and vegetables.  It helps me manage my weight.

Greatest Accomplishment: I have started more than 20 world champion riders on their saddle seat journey... you could be the next!

Best Friend: In the pasture, Sundance and I used to keep order.  I would say he is my best co-worker, as my only true friend is the round bale outside. That being said, since receiving a corner office in the box stalls, I've really got a new lease on life, and tend to spend my days outside with the box stall boys, pushing the new kids around and showing the young horses what it means to be wise and fun!


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