Age: 27

Nickname Origin: My eye sight isn't the best, but mainly I like to make sure my riders are paying attention by dancing around items left in the dirt.  It's like dodgeball for horses, step on something unusual and you lose, and I don't like losing.

Favorite Snack: I am not huge into snacks, have to keep fit in my older age, but I have been known to enjoy graham crackers, apples, and the occasional butterscotch hard candy.

Greatest Accomplishment: I have managed to keep our staff pasture orderly and professional for the last 15 years.  That is what am most proud of!

Best Friend: My best friend would have to be whoever the new guy is in the pasture.  I think it is important to show comradery to give the new guy confidence.  Also, there's nothing like walking around with the boss to keep the ruffians from picking on you!


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