Age: 10

Nickname Origin: While I came to Knollwood with the name Cinco, a competition was held to choose my new name!  At one point I was known as Pancake, but the competition winner came to be Mac!  Full name is now Macaroni Pancake Cinco Matton

Favorite Snack: I enjoy a juicy apple, but only if you slice it up for me... I'm not one for biting into a whole apple like a savage.

Greatest Accomplishment: So far, my greatest accomplishment is having become a Knollwood Kid.  I am loving my new family and friends and I know I will have a home here forever!

Best Friend: I spend a lot of time with the boys, hanging with Dudley and Hugo seeing what kind of trouble I can get up to.... most importantly I like hanging with the gang of young folks across the pasture and telling them how to get in a spot like me when they grow up!

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