There are many ways to learn and practice riding.  Here at Knollwood Farms, we are lucky enough to have the use of one large, climate controlled indoor arena, as well as two outdoor arenas for a variety of learning purposes.  The different types of lessons we have available for our students and athletes are group and private lessons.

In group lessons, riders learn control and spacing in a crowd; not to mention concentration. This is very important not only in lessons, but also in showing and trail riding. Many riders that only ride in private lessons find themselves intimidated if there are other horses in the ring at the same time. The purpose of group lessons is not to mass produce riders, but to give riders the opportunity to concentrate not only on developing themselves on a more independent level, but also to mentally develop their ability to trouble shoot and "drive defensively." 

Private lessons, on the other hand, give riders the opportunity to develop and build on specific strengths and/or weaknesses, one on one with their instructor.  This allows riders and instructors the much needed time to really hone in on what a rider may need extra time to work on in order to get them to the next stages of their riding ability.  Strengths and weaknesses in riders change as they move from one level to the next, and graduate to more advanced horses, but private lessons will always be the most effective way to talk, and work through any road blocks.

If you and your instructor feel you or your child would benefit from private lessons, please let us know and we will be happy to set up an appointment. If you plan to participate in any upcoming academy shows, some private lessons will be necessary in order to prepare. Private lessons help us to work out any problems or answer any questions a rider may have before going into competition. This helps to make the showing experience more educational, and most importantly, more enjoyable.