Age: Huh?

Nickname Origin: I'm a pretty big guy, but don't let that scare you!  I love to snuggle.

Favorite Snack: Peppermints are one of my favorites, but I enjoy all foods.  If the snacks have a wrapper to crinkle, I will nicker as much as I have to, to get that snack!

Greatest Accomplishment: I am pretty much an all rounder - good at most things, however my greatest accomplishment would have to be attending the Knollwood Christmas Caroling every year.  I sing bass (obviously) and being able to lead the caroling choir of Knollwood Knockouts is a great joy for me.

Best Friend: Well I don't think they like me as much as I like them, but I would have to say my best friends are the dogs that live over the fence on the far side of our paddock.  I often bring them things like corn stalks and buckets, but they only ever seem to angrily bark at me.... oh well.  I will keep trying.  Persistence is key to building a lasting friendship! (I think)


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