Age: 14

Nickname Origin: A long time ago there was a school horse here named Peanut who had a very similar marking to mine.  So there we have it.... It's not only my nickname, but it's why my name is Cashew!  Because I'm a fancy looking Peanut.

Favorite Snack: I enjoy peppermints quite a bit and I've never said no to a carrot, but I have yet to adventure beyond those snacks.

Greatest Accomplishment: I am new to Knollwood and getting to know people here.  I'm sure I will accomplish a lot in the coming years, but for now, I'm working on walking!

Best Friend: My best friend right now is probably Scott, the owner.  He may be big and scary looking/sounding, but he gave me first peppermint when I got here and I won't ever forget it!


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