Age: 17

Nickname Origin: It's unfortunate that my front legs are shorter than my back legs, making it appear that I am going downhill at all times.  However, that's what makes me so great!  I am the perfect teacher of carriage and transitions for that exact reason!

Favorite Snack: i LOVE snacks!  They are so fun. Snacks are like.... the best.... ever!

Greatest Accomplishment: This one time, I was so excited about the Knollwood Show (I love the Knollwood show so much) that I squealed and hopped the whole way down the chute into the arena.  Everyone laughed.  We all had so much fun.

Best Friend: I am a pretty nice guy and enjoy spending time with most people.  As one of the Box Stall Boys, I don't spend time in the Staff Pasture, but I go out with the other Box Stall Boys, I am definitely an instigator of good times!


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