Age: 20

Nickname Origin: I might be tall, but I take teeeeeeeny tiny strides.  Some people think it looks and feels funny, but really it's the reason I'm so great at teaching people to go with the flowwwww.

Favorite Snack: Any snacks will do as long as they are delicious.

Greatest Accomplishment: I happen to be a great challenge for patterns.... I am pretty neurotic and patterns make me think too hard, or stop thinking at all; not 100% sure which it is.  Long story short, I am proud to be one of the toughest Box Stall Boys for patterns.

Best Friend: When we go outside I like to stand at the gate and bite the other guys while they are being turned loose.  I'm not sure if this has made me any friends... most people seemed annoyed by it, but hey, I think it's hilarious!


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